Friday, 17 September 2010

The Track Clip Assembly

To make the adjustable clip assembly I used the clip from a trouser coat hanger (dont remove the rail part of the hanger) and an old windscreen mount from a TomTom. I cut out the clip from the coat hanger with a hot knife, and then I cut the sucker off the TomTom and cut the ball joint part down to size. I filed everything down and used a Stanley knife to make it neater.

Next I used epoxy resin to bond the clip to the TomTom mount. After it dried I had to file the curve out of the TomTom mount part so the light assembly could be bonded to it. I had a problem in that the ball joint on the TomTom mount did not allow the light assembly to sit at a straight angle so I took some wooden pegs and cut off the wedge end and bonded it to the flattened TomTom mount, this fixed the angle problem.
Finally I bonded the light assembly to the clip and TomTom part, once dried I painted everything with modelling paint and left to dry. 

Now I have a Trackir ‘Track Clip Pro’ clone that cost only a couple of quid. I set it up with the Freetrack software using my Wii remote as a webcam.

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